Blog posts. A churning stream of bright shiny advice, culminating in little pop up windows in which the writer invites you to join their email list, so you can get new advice every Monday, at the end of which, eventually, will be a whole series of attempts to monetize this project: an ebook, a podcast, a “click through to Amazon” link in which you can buy related products. Write more, better, faster. Stop procrastinating. Give up your day job. Improve your running speed. Meditate. These were the cheesy ads that used to appear on the back of comic books when I was a child. Jack LaLane, first skinny and stooped, ballooning into the strong man at the circus– never get sand kicked in your face again. Now they are everywhere– beautiful internet temptations, written by hipsters, lined up like craft beers. We need to be careful. We might be smart enough to avoid a cheesy ad at the back of a comic book, but who can resist the tasteful, touch-screen responsive invitation to finally, once and for all, get this mess under control?