I wake up wanting more than anything to check my email, tell myself I can’t go on the Internet and then immediately check the weather. A little ad in the corner catches my eye—“why all shampoos are bad.” I wonder for a brief moment, why are all shampoos bad? Then Jesse comes in, says drinking water makes him feel sick. I tell him his intestines are a mile long—he says really?? A mile?? I say he better check with Danny. Which he does. Comes back to report it’s actually 23 feet. Then tells me all the funny jokes he has heard in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the ones where the American guy asks how to say thank you, and the Greek brothers teach him to say “You have nice boobs” and “I have three testicles” instead. I let Jesse tell me because I know it won’t take long. Because I don’t know what to write. Because the hard work of figuring out what to write has begun.