Scripts in Development

How (Not) to Get Into College         Lifetime/Larkin-Goldstein Productions. 2010.
When a Mexican-American teenager becomes pregnant; she decides to keep the baby and pursue her dream—go to MIT.

Once A Hero                                      Lifetime/Sony Pictures Television. 2008.
A decorated war hero returning from Iraq struggles to resume her role as wife and mother.

American Ballroom                            Lifetime Television/Barbara Lieberman. 2007.
A butterfingered middle school teacher tries to raise school spirit by entering her disaffected students in a ballroom dance competition.

John’s Gift                                         ESPN/Orly Adelson Productions. 2005.
After his football hero son dies in a car accident, the grief stricken father attempts to connect with his only remaining child—a boy with Down’s Syndrome—by building him a golf course in their back yard.

Just Rewards                                     Wildrice Productions. 2003.
Romantic comedy about a girl next door who pulls off the crime of the century, and the FBI agent who falls in love with her.

A Higher Place in Heaven                CBS/Logo Entertainment/Televest. 2001.
A successful politician in the deep South petitions to have his mother declared incompetent when she leaves the family plantation to their African American housekeeper– and then discovers that the woman is actually his aunt.

From Selma to Sorrow                      Lifetime/Spirit Dance Entertainment. 2000.
Based on the life of Viola Luizzo, a Detroit housewife who was assassinated by a member of the Klu Klux Klan during a voter registration march from Selma to Montgomery. The family later learned that the assassin was a paid informant of the FBI.

The Persian Pickle Club                    CBS/Orly Adelson Productions. 1998.
At the height of the Depression, a newly married “city girl” is forced to move to her husband’s farm in dust-bowl Kansas, where she begins to suspect that her mother-in-law’s quilting club is concealing a murder.

Perfect Life                                       ABC/WildRice Productions. 1997.
A young man discovers a kaleidoscope that allows him to switch places with whoever he views through the lens. He leaps into the life of the man he envies most in the world, only to discover his idol has just committed a murder.

Executive Producer




An Old Fashioned Christmas

(2010) Hallmark. Written by Donald Martin. With Jacqueline Bisset.